The First Post

This is my chance to make a great first impression; no pressure right?

It only seems appropriate to share why I am even writing this blog. To me it’s the opportunity to share thoughts, support and hope with those who may be new to it, in the middle of one of those horrible lows that we can all relate to or someone just looking to not feel alone. It seemed like a positive way to express myself and find a voice about this taboo that is loving someone who’s path not everyone understands.

I think its important right from the start to establish these posts are based on my opinions, my experiences and the way that I choose to love a man that I can only describe as my perfect person. My words are not meant to influence your decisions or approach and they have absolutely no professional training. They are just the words of girl who fell for a boy who happened to be fighting addiction.

So first post in books. You now know why I choose to write. Maybe just maybe you’ll choose to read a little.

“Owning your story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.”
-Brene Brown




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