I’ve Got a Story to Tell

But here’s the thing it’s my story. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about “him” as I started this blog and I get it. It makes complete sense. I understand that at times it feels like I am dodging your questions or my answers may be concise or even vague.  This blog is my narrative, my account of certain events and feelings. It’s mine alone. Will I talk about him? Of course, most of the time with a smile stretched across my face and green eyes beaming. In case it hasn’t become clear I adore him, but I also respect him and his privacy.

In this journey I have always hated the addiction but not for a second have I ever stopped loving the person who is recovering from that addiction. I know with this blog and audience at times more details would add value to the read and additional insight. Please know I will never lie or make accuses for him in my writing or in our life. But, I will always protect his name by not sharing anymore about his path than necessary. It’s not my life, they aren’t my emotions or experiences. It’s not my battle. So, I’ll answer the questions that make sense and add what is essential to help you understand the person who plays the leading man in my life. But these posts are strictly from my point of view.

I hope you will continue to follow me as I find my voice in all this. I’ve always been a private person but this openness feels like the right outlet while connecting with others.

“If it’s not your story to tell, don’t tell it…”

― Iyanla Vanzant



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